1862 March 12 Letter to Jonathan Browning


1862 March 12 Letter to Jonathan Browning


The asking price and details on a Carding machine.




Brigham Young


Jonathan Browning


1862 March 12


Great Salt Lake City
Ogden City, U. T.

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G. S. L. City, March 12, 1862.

Elder Jonathan Browning
Ogden City, U T.,

Dear Brother:-- The carding machine br. Newey contracted with me for is a double one, and is the first one that was brought to this Territory, but so far as I know is now as good as it ever was, with the exception of the cards which of course wear out with use. I sold it to Mr. Livingston who took a part of it to Cache Valley, where it now is in the custody of Bishop Peter Maughan[?] the rest of the machine and a new picker, which cost some $300, are here. I do not know whether there are any belts or straps belonging to the machine, nor do I know its weight; the price is $1500, for the machine and the new picker made to go with it.

If I take any oxen toward paying for the machine I shall want good serviceable, well broke work oxen, from 4 to 6 years old, to be here in time to start for Florence, N. T., with the oxtrain going there this Spring, for which I am willing to allow the same rice that I can buy cattle for in Florence for cash, as there is where I want to use them in hauling freight, and I have put the machine at cash price. If you should wish to pay a portion in young cows and heifers, I want them delivered here at a fair cash market price. I cannot now tell you the cash price of good work oxen in Florence, but expect to soon learn it by telegraph from br. Joseph W. Young, who now is or soon will be there to assist our this year's immigration. I have so many ways in which to use means that I shall necessarily wish [?] expect to pay full amount this Spring, or as nearly so as possible, but if out of your power to pay in full, I am willing to wait a reasonable time for the balance. I am also willing to take, in part pay, and at fair cash market value, the Espenchied wagon you mention.

I inclose an order on Bishop Maughan for the part of the machine in Cache Valley.

Your Brother in the Gospel.

Brigham Young