1862 March 15 Letter to Elder C. S. Peterson


1862 March 15 Letter to Elder C. S. Peterson


Bishop Thurston is to purchase property from the Indians.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


Elder C. S. Peterson


1862 March 15


Great Salt Lake City
Weber Valley, Morgan County, U. T.


Indian Affairs

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G. S. L. City, March 15, 1862.

Elder C. S. Peterson,
Weber Valley, Morgan Co., U. T.,

Dear Brother:-Your letter to br. D. B. Huntington is before me, and in reply I have to inform you that I have by this mail written to Bishop Thurston, and requested him to give Little Soldier two good horses and a good beef creature, and charge said animals to the General Tithing Office. I also inclosed to him a deed running to the Trustee in Trust, for that portion of Weber Valley not already purchased by you, with the request to have it signed by Little Soldier when he receives the aforesaid animals.

I trust that this course will prove satisfactory to both parties, and stop the Indians from teasing, which is the object in making the purchase.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young