1862 March 15 Letter to Orson Hyde


1862 March 15 Letter to Orson Hyde


Hyde is counseled to allow Judson Stoddard to sell his Nevada property. Updates on the Civil War and the Utah election.




Brigham Young


Orson Hyde


1862 March 15


Great Salt Lake City
Springtown, Sanpete County, U. T.

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Civil War

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G. S. L. City, March 15, 1862.

Pres. Orson Hyde,
Springtown, Sanpete Co., U. T.,

Dear Brother:-- Br. Judson L. Stoddard has just returned from California, and informs me that while in Nevada he became somewhat acquainted with the condition of your Mill property &c., in Washoe Valley, and thinks that if he was duly authorized by you he could soon make an advantageous disposition of it. As the matter now stands he thinks that some reckless persons will be apt, ere long, to take possession of the property without pay. Under these circumstances I have thought best to write you br. Stoddard's information and views, aware that you are somewhat familiar with his caution, shrewdness, and good judgment in business matters, and would suggest your earliest attention to this matter, should you conclude to authorize br. Stoddard to dispose of your property in that region to the best advantage present circumstances will permit.

At latest telegram dates the North continued quite successful in carrying out their plans, but there are indications that the South are becoming more and more embittered and determined to fight to the utmost extremity.

Election returns are from all the Counties, except five, and foot up over 7500 votes, and not one against the Constitution. It is now expected that the General Assembly will be convened in this City on the 14th of April next.

We have just learned by telegram that br's Horace S. Eldredge and Joseph W. Young reached Omaha, safe and well, at 11 a.m. of the 11th inst., after a prosperous journey of a little less than 14 days, which was very good time under the condition of road and weather.

Winter holds well into Spring thus far, at least in the matter of snow squalls, but home affairs are moving on very pleasantly indoors and somewhat successfully outdoors, especially so far as the stonecutters on the Temple Block are concerned, who are quite numerous and make lively music on the huge granite blocks,

Your Brother in the Gospel,