1859 June 14 Letter to Peter Maughan


1859 June 14 Letter to Peter Maughan


A request to furnish Bishop Nichols with the tithing donations from Cache Valley. Counsel to maintain vigilance to prevent Indian aggression.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


Peter Maughan


1859 June 14


Great Salt Lake City
Cache Valley, U. T.


Indian Affairs

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Great Salt Lake City, June 14, 1859

Bishop Peter Maughan
Cache Valley, U. T.

Dear Brother:
Arrangements have been made with Bishop Nichols, of Box Elder, to deliver at the General Tithing Office in this City, at stated times, the tithing butter, cheese, eggs, &c. of several of the northern wards, and I wish you to furnish Bishop Nichols, at such times as you may agree upon, the above named class of tithing from the Settlements in Cache Valley.

You are correct in keeping a careful eye upon the Indians, for at best they are very uncertain, and a little carelessness in the matter of forting and a misplaced confidence in scattering about and in roaming in small numbers too far from quick and efficient and may have to be mourned with deep regret. You can not well be too vigilant in improving every opportunity for making your forts strong against Indians, and do not ever trust women and children to the chance of being abused by them bro. Timothy Parkinson has my consent to take another wife

Your brother in the Gospel

Brigham Young Sen