1852 May 24 Letter to Charles W. Humphrey


1852 May 24 Letter to Charles W. Humphrey


Reply to an inquiry about the whereabouts of Robert Crow. Letter also contains Brigham Young's personal thoughts and feelings about slanderous reports concerning the Saints.




Brigham Young


Charles W. Humphries




Great Salt Lake City


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Great Salt Lake City May 24th 1852. 
Chas. W. Humphrey.

Dear Sir,

Your letter making inquiry concerning the whereabouts of your father-in-law Mr. Robert Crow is received.  I understand from General Chas. C. Rich, who has recently arrived from San Bernardino, California, that bro. Crow was expected to locate at that place, and your direction will most Probably find him there.  ln regard to the various [slanderous] & numerous reports afloat concerning us in the world, we are to accustomed to them, that we regard them but little.  The testimonials of hundreds and thousands of emigrants who came received our hospitality and passed on their way with good feeling, not having been molested, but on the contrary, very essentially assisted on their toilsome journey, although published at the time in many of the papers, seem now to be laid aside and forgotten, and the half dozen thieves who not succeeding in stealing their way through, and happening to be caught, tried, and sentenced to expatiate the just penalty of their crimes, by hard labor with ball and chain (in lieu of a penitentiary which is not yet provided) but finally through the clemency of the Executive were pardoned, can publish their falsehoods and have them trumpeted by the press and continually kept before the public.  We record not such slanderous reports but let them have their day, and when the people choose to believe the truth instead of such false statements, they have only to look over their old files and again publish them to the world.

I have the honor to be respectfully,
your friend.

Brigham Young

P. S.  According to your kind offer I shall be glad to receive from you the papers referred to.