1855 February 22 Letter to Gideon D. Wood


1855 February 22 Letter to Gideon D. Wood


Instructions for taking legal action against "Indian Squash," who has been killing cattle. Contains counsel to assure the other Indians that nobody is angry with them .


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


Gideon D. Wood


1855 February 22


Great Salt Lake City


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Great Salt Lake City Feby 22 1855

Gideon D Wood Esq
Mayor Springville City

Dear Brother,

Bro. D. B. Huntington presented a note which he had received
from you in relation to Indian Squash, and other Indians killing cattle &c.
I think it will have a wholesome effect to take Squash and have him tried before the District Court at Provo which sits, I believe the third Monday
in March. To pass him through all the legal steps, with as much Indian testimony as you can get, may also cause others to refrain from their depre dations as doubtless many of them are led into it and encouraged by him be sure to have the most reliable testimony against him or else not undertake it, let it be nothing short of seeing him in the very act, as well as his
threatening to commit depredations and his own confession that he had done so. Have him examined before a Justice or Probate Court, and commit him to appear at Court for trial and you can either imprison or put ball and chain
on him in the mean time. In fact let it be a plain case of repeated instan
ces and then let the law be carried out strictly upon him as an example to others and a lesson to him. I should say nothing about it untill every
thing was ready, and then proceed to take him unawares without any ado or fuss, and have every part of the proceedings well explained to him and the Indians that they may all understand it. Also let all the Indians understand that we are not mad or angry with them but intend to do right ourselves and also make them. Relying upon your ability to accomplish this matter with
out causing any undue excitement among the Indians

I remain your friend and brother in the Gospel of Christ

Brigham Young