1852 September 16 Letter to John Brown


1852 September 16 Letter to John Brown


Directions to John Brown to direct Foreign Emigration in New Orleans. Contains details about making travel and equipment arrangements for emigrants traveling up the Mississippi River.




Brigham Young
Willard Richards


John Brown




Great Salt Lake City


Perpetual Emigration Fund

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Great Salt Lake City Sept 16th 1852. 
Major John Brown,

Dear brother,

We expect you to accompany the Foreign Emigration to the valley the ensuing season.  Upon their arrival at New Orleans and subsequent arrangements to proceed up the Mississippi it is requisite that you should be on the ground to assist, counsel, and direct them; when after appointing a good and suitable person to preside over them on their upward trip, you can be set at liberty, to travel any other course, if so be that you desire it, or can better promote the cause of truth by so doing.

Upon their arrival and making still further arrangements, for their further progress, it is expected that you will also take the chief charge in making purchases of cattle, waggons, &c, cooperating with Bro: H. S.  Eldredge who is instructed to render you what assistance he can.  We have suggested to him the propriety of landing the emigrants somewhere on the upper Mississippi, in which we expect you will counsel together, after having obtained the requisite information, and then act according as your best judgment will dictate.  As these instructions will reach you before you separate, you can make such other mutual arrangements, as shall be most conducive to your frequent intercourse, and, as shall best subserve the cause of our Redeemer.

With sincere regard and friendship,
we remain your brethren in the bonds
of the Gospel of truth.

(Brigham Young)
Prest. Perpetual F. Copy.

W Richards