1859 August 26 Letter to Doan, King & Co.


1859 August 26 Letter to Doan, King & Co.


Brigham is not party to any business deal unless his name legally written in the documents. Security should be required from persons buying on credit.




Brigham Young


Doan, King & Co.
Charles Huelsenkamp


1859 August 26


Great Salt Lake City
St Louis, MO


Business Matters
Legal Matters

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Great Salt Lake City Aug 26. 1859

Doan, King & Co., (St Louis, Mo.,)

You are aware that the great majority of mankind are not business men, in the strict sense of the term, and that many will incur debts when they have no means of paying. There are many such persons in Utah, and since business men desire promptness in those with whom they deal, I wish you to be very cautious in dealing with persons from Utah claiming to be what are commonly called 'Mormons'. In many cases I have learned that such persons take the liberty of referring to me, and I desire you to pay no attention to such reference, unless you see my name attached thereto.

It will be much to your interest to require good security for your property from all persons hailing from Utah who wish to buy on credit, and without such security, do not trust them, even though they call me uncle, cousin, brother, or whatever other term they may please to use. I tender you this advice in frankness with a view to furnishing you a safeguard for the preservation of your property, and to save myself from unjust aspersions and the annoyance of being troubled with affairs in which I had no voice.

I have the honor to remain

Very Respectfully,

Brigham Young