1859 September 1 Letter to J. J. Anderson & Co.


1859 September 1 Letter to J. J. Anderson & Co.


A notice that Asa Calkin will settle a note in favor of Anderson & Company.




H. S. Eldredge


J. J. Anderson & Co.


1859 September 1


Great Salt Lake City



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G. S. L. City U. T, Sept 1. 1859

Messrs. J. J. Anderson & Co.

Enclosed please find a draft on A. Calkin Esq. 42 Islington, Liverpool Eng. drawn by Brigham Young in your favor for the sum of Pound824.14.11 sterling with which I wish to cancel the note for $4000.00 which you hold against me. We have been advised by Mr. Elkin that he is prepared to honor the draft. Although this may not reach you as soon as my Note matures; yet I trust it will be satisfactory to you, as it is the first opportunity that I have had to remit since my arrival here.

Any favor that you can extend to my friend Chas. Huelsenkamp on the paper which he holds against me will be duly appreciated, I shall send funds to him by Hon. W. H. Hooper, who leaves here on the 15. inst for your place. I should remit at once to Mr. Huelsenkamp but there is no exchange to be obtained at present. Trusting that this and all other business transactions with us will prove satisfactory to all parties. (The second Exchange is sent by this Mail under cover to you)

I remain Very Respectfully
Yours &c.

H. S. Eldredge