1859 September 4 Letter to O. L. Lilinquist


1859 September 4 Letter to O. L. Lilinquist


A mission call is extended.




Brigham Young


O. L. Lilinquist


1859 September 4


Great Salt Lake City


Missionary Work

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G. S. L. City, Sept 4, 1859.

Elder O. L. Lillinquist,
Spanish Fork, Utah Co. Utah,

Dear Brother:--

A few Elders are being sent from here on missions this fall, and among the number is br. John Van Cott who is called upon to go to Scandinavia. after deliberation upon the subject it has been deemed highly advisable, for many excellent reasons, for you to accompany br. Van Cott upon his mission. Should this counsel meet your views and circumstances, you will please so arrange your affairs as to be in this city ready to start on the 15th of this month, as all the company will be on their way by the 20th. at the latest.

Bro. Van Cott wishes me to write to you that he desires and expects your company.
Your br. in the Gospel

Brigham Young

Bro. John W. Berry:-- Should br. Lillenquist need any assistance to enable him to start upon the mission to which he is herein called, be so good as to extend to him the requisite aid, and oblige

Your Bro. in the Gospel, Brigham Young

P. S. Bro. Lillenquist:--

Please show the above request to Br. Berry
B. Y.