1859 September 7 Letter to Jacob G. Bigler


1859 September 7 Letter to Jacob G. Bigler


A request of names and details of those called upon by the Grand Jury.




Albert Carrington


Jacob G. Bigler


1859 September 7


Great Salt Lake City
Nephi, Juab County, U. T.

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G. S. L. City, Sept. 7, 1859.

Bishop Jacob G. Bigler,
Nephi, Juab County, U. T.,

Dear Brother:--

As it is a matter of general interest, pertains to the current news of the day, and one which the public have a right to know, I wish you would at once proceed and learn who were indicated by the Grand Jury which lately sat in your city, giving the names in full and the alleged crimes; also make note of all other Court proceedings and doings of any moment or interest, being particular as to names, dates, and facts; and note two or more names, when possible, of responsible persons conversant with said names, dates, and facts.

After gathering the above named information, should it not be reasonable convenient for you to at once bring it personally, please be at the trouble of sending it by the first reliable persons coming here. If consistent with duties at home, I should be pleased to have some one of the brethren who served on said Grand Jury call upon me at the earliest practicable date, and in such case, should it have happened that you had not and could not come, and had not previous opportunity for sending, you could forward by him such information above required as you had been able to gather.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Albert Carrington