Phineas Howe Young (1799-1879)

16 Feb. 1799–10 Oct. 1879. Printer, saddler, farmer. Born at Hopkinton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. Son of John Young and Abigail (Nabby) Howe. Moved to Whitingham, Windham Co., Vermont, ca. 1801. Moved to New York. Married first Clarissa Hamilton, 28 Sept. 1818. Lived in Hector, Tompkins Co., New York, 1820. Baptized into Methodist church, fall 1824. Moved to Cheshire, Ontario Co., New York, ca. 1825. Moved to Mendon, Monroe Co., New York, spring 1828. Baptized into Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by Ezra Landon, 5 Apr. 1832, at Bradford Co., Pennsylvania. Began serving mission to Canada with Elial Strong, Eleazer Miller, and Enos Curtis, June 1832. Moved to Pittsburgh, 1832. Moved to Kirtland, Geauga Co., Ohio, late 1833. Wife died, by July 1834. Served mission to New York with Oliver Granger, ca. 1834. Married second Lucy Pearce Cowdery, half sister of Oliver Cowdery, 28 Sept. 1834, at Kirtland. Served missions to Virginia, eastern states, and Michigan Territory, 1835. Purchased land at Caldwell Co., Missouri, 1837, and then moved to Clinton Co., Missouri. Forced to flee Missouri, fall 1838. Lived at Morgan Co., Illinois, for about one year. Moved to Winchester, Scott Co., Illinois. Moved to Nauvoo, Hancock Co., Illinois, 1840. Ordained a high priest by Brigham Young and George Miller, fall 1842. Moved to Cincinnati to preside over church in southern district of Ohio, late 1842. Served mission to eastern states, 1843–1844, preaching mainly in Ohio and New York. Admitted to Council of Fifty, 15 Apr. 1845. Member of Brigham Young pioneer company, 1847. Bishop of Salt Lake City Second Ward, 1864–1871. Died at Salt Lake City.

Retrieved with permission from The Joseph Smith Papers.