1865 April 17 Letter to Orson Hyde and Bishops


1865 April 17 Letter to Orson Hyde and Bishops


The brethren are requested to assist and counsel with Joseph A Young in pursuing peace with the Indians.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


Orson Hyde


1865 April 17


Great Salt Lake City
Sanpete County
Sevier Counties

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Indian Affairs

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Presidents Office
G. Salt Lake
April 17th 1865

President Orson Hyde and the Bishops of the various settlements between Great Salt Lake City and Sanpete Co., and in Sanpete and Sevier Counties:

Dear Brethren:--

I have appointed my son, Elder Joseph A. Young, a Special Mission to the Settlements of Sanpete and Sevier Counties--the present scene of difficulties with the Indians.

You are hereby requested to render him all the assistance in your power in furnishing him changes of horses &c. if he should need such help to aid him in accomplishing the business upon which he has been sent; also, to counsel with him as to any measures that may be necessary to adopt for the securing of peace and the settlement of all difficulties, and to be governed by his counsel, as I have fully explained to him my views and wishes and the course which I desire pursued.

Brothers Demick Huntington and George Bean will be there immediately after him, and I feel assured that he and they with Elder Hyde and the brethren who are there, will be able to counsel together and adopt such a line of policy as will result in peace instead of war.

Col. Irish is doing everything he can to produce peace. He is of my mind in regard to the soldiers -- he thinks that it will be better for them not to go down there, as their presence will only add a new element of bitterness to the strife.

Praying the Lord our God to fill you with wisdom.

I remain Your Brother,

Brigham Young