Albany, New York

State capital and county seat, located in eastern-central part of state on west bank of Hudson River. Area settled by Dutch, 1612. Known as Fort Orange and Beaver Wyck, 1623; name changed to Williamstadt, 1647. Capitulated to English forces, 1664, and renamed Albany. Incorporated as city, 1686. Population in 1820 about 13,000; in 1830 about 21,000; and in 1840 about 34,000. Martin Harris visited scholar Luther Bradish in city, Feb. 1828, bearing transcript of characters from Book of Mormon. Joseph Smith revelation, dated 22–23 Sept. 1832, directed Newel K. Whitney to preach in Albany [Doctrine and Covenants 84]. Due to location on Hudson River and Erie Canal, many Saints passed through city as immigrants or missionaries. Some members of Quorum of the Twelve met in city on return from eastern states after learning of death of Joseph and brother Hyrum, 1844.

Retrieved with permission from The Joseph Smith Papers.