New York City, New York

Dutch founded New Netherland colony, 1625. Incorporated under British control and renamed New York, 1664. Harbor contributed to economic and population growth of city; became largest city in American colonies. British troops defeated Continental Army under George Washington in city, 1776. Following eventual British withdrawal, city served as U.S. capital, 1785–1790. Population in 1830 about 200,000; in 1840 about 310,000; and in 1850 about 520,000. Joseph Smith and Newel K. Whitney visited city, 1832; Smith visited again, 1836. Missionary efforts by Parley P. Pratt and Elijah Fordham began, 1837, eventually resulting in several branches of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with about 200 members. Members of Quorum of the Twelve preached in city en route to Great Britain, June 1837 and fall 1839–Mar. 1840. To assist European converts immigrating west, church stationed agents in city, 1844. About 240 Saints left city on SS Brooklyn, Feb. 1846, bound for Yerba Buena, Alta California (now San Francisco, California).

Retrieved with permission from The Joseph Smith Papers.