Ramus, Illinois

Area settled, 1826. Founded by Latter-day Saints, 1839–1840, following exodus from Missouri. Town platted, Aug. 1840. Post office established, Sept. 1840. Incorporated as Macedonia, Mar. 1843. Renamed Webster, 23 July 1847. Population in 1845 about 380. Crooked Creek branch of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints organized in town, Apr. 1839. Stake organized, 9 July 1840; stake discontinued and reorganized as branch, 4–5 Dec. 1841. Latter-day Saint population before April 1842 about 500. Location of one of first meetinghouses built by Saints. Most Latter-day Saints left, by Apr. 1846; some remained until 1850.

Retrieved with permission from The Joseph Smith Papers.