Buffalo, New York

Located in western New York on eastern shore of Lake Erie at head of Niagara River and mouth of Buffalo Creek. County seat. Settled by 1801. Land for town allocated, 1810. Incorporated as village, 1813, but mostly destroyed later that year during War of 1812. Became major center of trade with completion of Erie Canal, 1825. Incorporated as city, 1832. Population in 1830 about 8,700. Population in 1835 about 20,000. Oliver Cowdery, Ziba Peterson, Parley P. Pratt, and Peter Whitmer Jr. served missions to Seneca Indian tribe near Buffalo, Oct. 1830. Crossroads for Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints migrating from New York to Kirtland, Ohio, area, 1831. Some goods for Kirtland temple committee store were purchased in Buffalo.

Retrieved with permission from The Joseph Smith Papers.